Salsa Dance: "Do it big, do it right and do it with style!"

Salsa is one of the most dynamic, exciting and popular social dance styles not only within the Hispanic communities, but also all over the world.

What makes Salsa so popular today and why is it that people who dance Salsa appear happier and in a better mood than everyone else?

Some of the reasons why we love this dance are:
. Its catchy Salsa rhythms - they cheer you up and make you feel like you're vacationing somewhere warm and sunny
. Its simplicity - anyone can learn Salsa, even if you have TWO left feet (guaranteed)
. It's universal - once you learn the steps, you can dance anywhere and with anyone from any country
. It's social - experience the Salsa scene and meet and connect with new people and making new friends
. It's a great workout and you develop great coordination

Now that sounds like a great dance to try, doesn't it?  Salsa is normally danced with a partner.  it's usually the male dancer who leads the female dancer in the steps and turn patterns (although it could be opposite, or the leader and follower can be both male or female).  Occasionally they separate into what we call "shines" and dance on their own, showing off their fancy footwork and body movement while trying to maintain the interaction with their partner.

About the music...

Salsa music can vary, from very fast and intense to sensual and romantic.  There is a controversy surrounding the term "Salsa" specifically whether it is a separate music genre.  The roots of this music style originate in Cuba, while the term "Salsa" was created in New York after many Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians settled in the United States.  Salsa music consists of a mix of Hispanic musical styles such as the Cuban Son, Rhumba, Son Montuno, Guaracha, Danzon, Guaguanco, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Bomba, Cumbia, among many others.  Those styles merged with some North American styles such as Jazz and Funk to form the style we currently dance to in the Latin dance clubs and dance socials.

On 1, On 2, Rueda...

There are various Salsa dance styles.  Some of the most popular ones include:  New York Style (On 2), Cuban Style, Colombian Style, LA Style, Rueda da Casino.  Each Salsa style has its own characteristics that differentiate it from the rest. Those could be different timing, step patterns, movement on the dance floor (circular or linear), turns and moves.

The most popular style in New York is, of course, the New York Club Style (On 2).  This particular style has gained increased popularity all over the world and is one of the styles we teach at Josie's International School of Dance.  For more info on classes, visit our website class schedule page at

Happy dancing and see you on the dance floor!

Written by guest writer and Salsa dancer and guest instructor, Iva Gyurgina, Marketing Director at Resourcely Marketing, LLC.