FLAMENCO w/Josie LaRiccia

(Children age 9 and up welcome).  A regional dance from Southern Spain developed by the gypsies and Andalusians characterized by various heelwork rhythms and expressive lyrical arms which demonstrates the passionate Spanish temperament.  Class consists of braceo (arm and hand movements), marcajes (marking steps), zapateo (heelwork), palmas (hand-clapping).  Focus is on proper body line to capture the beauty and essence of Spanish character.

FLAMENCO WORKSHOP w/Rebeca Tomas - Next Fall 2017 Workshop TBA

"Take your dancing to the next level" with Rebeca!  An excellent warm-up with technique and drills.  Learn beautiful and challenging choreographies for tablao style Flamenco.  Performance opportunities are available for the serious student.  


Explore how to play the castanets, an exciting rhythmic and percussive accompaniment to classic Spanish dances, such as the Sevillanas which is "The National dance of Spain".

Westchester Flamenco Meetup - Ole!