FLAMENCO w/Josie LaRiccia

OLE! A regional dance from Southern Spain developed by the gypsies and Andalusians characterized by various heelwork rhythms and expressive lyrical arms which demonstrates the passionate Spanish temperament.  Class consists of braceo (lyrical arm and hand movements), zapateo (heelwork), palmas (hand-clapping) marcajes (marking steps) and castanets, an exciting rhythmic and percussive accompaniment to Sevillanas (The National dance of Spain).  Focus is on proper body line to capture the beauty and essence of Spanish character.  Group class choreographies focus on Sevillanas, Bulerias, Tangos, Farucca and Fandangos.  Seasonal guest artist workshops with guitar accompaniment and local and visiting Flamenco artists from Spain.

Westchester Flamenco Meetup - Ole!