Monthly or Seasonal Workshop w/Bina Bora

Let Bina take you on a marvelous journey to Hawaii. This workshop will introduce you to the natural beauty of Hula dance that you will find extremely rewarding!

Hula is a dance form that was developed in the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians who originally settled there. The hula tells the stories of creation and stories about it's people through dance, chants and traditional instruments.  Simple hand motions signify aspects of nature, such as the swaying of a tree in the breeze or a wave in the ocean, or a feeling or emotion, such as fondness or yearning.

Every workshop consists of an extensive warm-up in a traditional Hula circle (sitting and then standing) followed by hand gestures and foot technique.  In only one workshop dancers learn their first greeting dance known as the "Kawika" which is one of the original Old World dances.  Future workshops cover more modern New World dances, such as Elivs' Blue Hawaii, and use of instruments, such as the Oolie Oolies and Puilli Sticks.