"Hear what students are saying about our teachers and classes!"

ARGENTINE TANGO w/Juan Manuel & Laxmi

“We love Juan Manuel’s class. He is not only teaching us how to move but also teaching us the correct way to lead and follow so that each step we learn we can feel and dance in harmony.” - Gabriel & Mary S. (Dobbs Ferry, NY)

“From the very day we started taking Tango, my husband and I have loved the way Laxmi has led the class.  She starts us off with an easy-to-follow Tango walk, while sprinkling in the more challenging and exciting movements for the advanced dancers. So everybody has fun, and nobody ever feels left behind!” - Svetlana L. & Viktor Z. (Ossining, NY)

“Dancing with Juan is like floating on air, totally effortless.” - Ruth G. (Hastings, NY)

"Laxmi and Juan Manuel are two wonderfully gracious teachers that instruct us in Argentinian Tango. Both are very attentive to our individual needs and share their enthusiasm and love of this sensuous dance with care and patience.  We look forward to the classes each week in a spacious and very comfortable venue." - Joe & Hada C. (Somers, NY)


"Maria really gets my hips moving!" - Cindy G. (Ossining, NY)

"Maria makes dancing so much fun.  She is very creative.  I learn something new at every class.  Bachata has really helped me unlock my dancing potential." - Angela R. (Pleasantville,NY)


"Belly Dance helps me feel more comfortable with my body.  Nahara has a great style and method of teaching. She is so dedicated to her art. The class is a great workout and is a perfect way for me to do something good for myself." - Tara K. (Chestnut Ridge, NY)

"The music is amazing!  Nahara teaches at a pace we can keep up with. The movements are attractive, sensual and graceful." - Victoria G. (Yonkers, NY)

"Nahara is awesome and energetic and makes Belly Dance so much fun to learn.  I get to wear glitter and fancy clothing for classes.  It makes me feel like I'm worth every penny!" - Marlena G. (Pleasantville, NY)"For me Belly Dancing was love at first dance!" - JoAnn A. (Cold Spring, NY)


"I find it extremely liberating. After class I feel extremely relaxed and happy!" - Claudia P. (Berlin, CT)

"It's so beautiful and it helps me in my life to stay focused on everything.  After class I feel wonderful and just great!" - Ming A. (New City, NY)


"Thank you so much for running the Hawaiian workshops with Bina!  I've always loved Polynesian dance.  It is so beautiful and the music just takes me away to a peaceful  state of mind. I can't wait until the next workshop!" 

"Bina is a dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate instructor.  She had beginning students dancing an actual Hula dance within one hour!  The Hula is a wonderful way to relax and connect with mother nature."

SALSA w/Eddie Q & Josie

"It's exhilarating! It's stepping out of my comfort zone and learning something new.  Boy! I could go on forever!  Eddie and Josie are awesome!" - Suzannah K. (Croton-On-Hudson, NY)

"Taking Salsa is a tremendous relief from the day's stresses.  I look forward to my private lessons with Eddie Q each week.  Salsa is hard work but it's a lot of fun!  Forget Zumba! Take Salsa!" - Alberta J. (Tarrytown, NY)

"Socials and clubs can be intimidating for new dancers but my advice it to stick it out.  Through the years, I have seen my students really grow with Salsa.  They are having fun and dancing.  I always receive comments from students who have been affected in a positive way by their experiences in my dance classes." - Instructor Eddie Q (Queens, NY)

"I'm taking Salsa because as a woman I think no matter how old you are and what shape you're in you look feminine and sexy when you dance Salsa!" - Nancy O. (Port Chester, NY)

Josie is a great teacher.  She's patient and fun and tries to get you out there in the salsa community to dance!  It's fun to go out and see real Salsa dancing.  It's incredible to see how people move with this dance.  Most places Josie & Eddie have taken us to also have live music ... a real treat and a great night out!" - Tom H. & Sue W. (Ossining, NY)

"Salsa lessons are something I look forward to every week.  Josie breaks it down so well that I feel graceful on the dance floor.  I also enjoy the outings that allow me to practice my skills in a real venue." - Ancy L. (Harrison, NY)