On 2 Club Style w/Eddie Q & Josie

Learn the basics of the most sizzling and hottest dance today, Salsa!  We teach New York Club Style Salsa/Mambo On 2.  Salsa On 1 is taught during private lessons or practiced and reviewed at the end of our Friday classes.  Our 'On 2' classes cover proper timing and technique for footwork patterns (shines), ear training, developing a sense of rhythm, and introduction to partnering.  Our Friday class is geared mostly for beginners where we cover the basic steps, turns and basic partnering combinations.  However it is a perfect opportunity for the advanced beginner and intermediate student to review basic steps and receive additional guided practice on footwork patterns, leading and partnering combinations covered in Tuesday's class.  No partner necessary!  Singles and couples welcome.
We’ve helped numerous students become confident on the dance floor!

Westchester Salsa Meetup - Learn Salsa with other friendly people, build confidence, go out social dancing together!

KIDS SALSA (Ages 8+) w/Josie.  This class is being developed.  If you are interested please submit an inquiry.

Kids learn the same Salsa steps as adults!  They will find Salsa footwork patterns ("shines") very exciting and boys will find partnering and leading very challenging.  Salsa is a partner dance where boys and girls learn to socialize in a fun way, build confidence, develop self-esteem, and for some children it's an opportunity to explore their cultural heritage. Kids will also have fun teaching their friends and family their Salsa steps and on many occasions will proudly dance with adult family members (leading or following) at family functions.