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Pilates is a mind/body form of exercise designed to enhance core strength, stability and flexibility.  It involves a combination of strengthening, stretching and relaxation techniques and its benefits include:

*    Stronger, leaner muscles
*    Improved flexibility
*    Improved immune system
*    Improved posture and spinal alignment
*    Stress reduction
*    Relief of muscle tension and back pain
*    Help in lowering blood pressure and increasing metabolism

Pilates has also been proven to benefit those suffering from conditions such as arthritis, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  The focus is to create a flow of exercises that help strengthen the core in addition to a total body sculpting and flexibility program.  Modifications are given as needed.

Stability Ball is a fun, relaxing and challenging workout for the entire body.  It targets our core (the muscles of the abdominals, back and pelvis) but also adds a challenging element to other disciplinary exercises that are performed on with the ball on the mat that are yoga or pilates-based.  Working on the stability ball will improve your posture, your balance and body alignment, and will enable you to build confidence as you learn to exercise and remain stable on a movable object.  For the arms and legs the ball offers resistance training exercises and also provides a variety of ways to exercise with weights.  The stability ball increases body awareness   I guarantee if you try this you'll have a BALL!