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Guest Artist Tango Workshop w/Juan Manuel Alessandrini

Join us Wednesday, May 25, as Juan Manuel Alessandrini, Argentine Tango dancer, leads a series of guest artist workshops.  The first workshop will introduce beginners to Argentine Tango and also give advanced beginner students tips on leading and following and exercises to improve tango technique. As the workshops progress students will learn more complex figures and technique for leaders and followers.

Juan Manuel started dancing Tango at a very young age in Argentina.  He moved to the United States several years ago and has been studying and working with Carolina Zokalski & Diego DiFalco, two very well known professionals who have both reach a prominent place in the world of Tango.  They are in part responsible for the renaissance of Tango over the last 10 years.  They joined the original case of the Broadway show "Forever Tango" as the youngest tango dancers in the history of American Musical Theatre on Broadway.  Together they have shared their extensive knowledge and experience of Tango with Juan Manuel who currently teaches and performs with them at various venues in the tri-state area.