"BELLY DANCE FOR BODY AND SOUL" Classic Raqs Sharqi Style Belly Dance w/Nahara
Learn this captivating dance from the Middle East.  Enrich your cultural knowledge.  Whether you want to dance professionally or just have fun and get in shape, this is the place for you to start!  The beginner class covers all the basic movements and articulations of the hip, chest and arms along with simple improvisational choreographies.  The class format is designed for students to start at anytime.  The intermediate class focuses on more complex choreography and layering movements for more precise interpretation of the music.
An introduction and continuation of props such as veil, fan veil, cane and zils.  All body types and ages welcome.  Hip scarves and zils available at the studio for purchase.

"Take your dancing to the next level."  Learn and master beautiful choreographies that you can perform with fellow students at local venues in the tri-state area.

Westchester Belly Dance Meetup - Come Shimmy With Us!