Argentine Tango is a passionate improvisational dance based on the simple principles of walking, turning, connecting with your partner and embrace.  This class will introduce students to the foundational techniques and basic figures necessary to start dancing.  The second part of class will consist of a guided practica with more complicated figures (guided by our instructor and assistants).  Singles and couples welcome.  No partner necessary!


Our Tango program includes periodic visits from well-known NYC and/or Argentine Guest Artists.  Male guest artists focus on proper leading for men and enhance the evening by dancing with all of the female students.  Female guest artists focus on follower's technique.

MILONGA - Next Milonga TBA

A Milonga is a tango social where dancers can meet other fellow tangueros and dance in a more formal setting.  The atmosphere is very friendly.  At a Milonga there is actual dancing, not practice.  The music follows a set of 3 dances ("tande") followed by a short break ("cortina").  It is an important part of tango dancing where the dancer learns the proper rules and etiquette of tango dancing.