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Arabic Percussion & Dance Weekend Retreat

Our Mission:  Our goal is to inspire and make sure that each student takes home solid and tangible tools of learning that they can incorporate into their daily or weekly practice of Arabic Percussion and Dance.

Call Josie to register @ 914-332-8670 and find out about accommodations for the weekend.  Day passes available.

WEEKEND SCHEDULE  - FULL Class Descriptions At Bottom

10:00      Intro To The World Of Percussion
11:00       Riq Fundamentals
12:00      Riq Composition & Choreography
1:00        LUNCH
2:00       Dancing w/Props
3:00       Sagat Dance w/Finger Cymbals
5:00       Debke Rhythm & Steps
6:00       Yoga & Stretch
8:00       RELAX & DINE @ Local EATERY

10:00      Derbekkeh Fundamentals
11:00       Soual Jawab & Polyrhythmic Cycles
12:00      Rhythm Cycle & Transitions
1:00        LUNCH
2:00       Drum Solo Dance Steps
3:00       Drum Solo Composition
5:00       Etiquette of El Jelsah
6:00       Yoga & Stretch

10:00      Frame Drum Fundamentals
11:00       Derbekke (Finger Variations)
12:00      Hand Clapping
1:00        LUNCH
2:00       Arabic Singing of Al-Muashahat
3:00       The Dance of Al-Muashahat
4:00       Al-Muashahat Riq & Drum Variations
5:00       Yoga & Stretch
6:00       Closing Ceremony

Day Pass:                                  $150
Full Weekend Package:            $340 (All Classes & Saturday Eve)
Workshop Drop-In:                   $25
Saturday Night Spectacular:    $40

Before July 15, 2017

Day Pass:  1 Day                        $200
Workshop Drop-In:                   $30
Saturday Night Spectacular:    $50


Intro To The World Of Percussion (1 hour)
There’s more on the horizon as we actively listen and get hands-on experience of authentic instruments from the Middle East: Morocco’s Tom-Tom, Taarija, Hewarra and Karakeb, the Tabel of Egypt & Lebanon, and learn about the various styles of the more popular instruments like the Derbekkeh, Riq and Frame Drum.

Riq Fundamentals (1 hour)
Learn the basic positions of holding the Riq and create its basic and rich rhythms.

Riq Composition & Choreography (1 hour)
Learn basic Riq rhythms and maintain playing them while dancing basic steps at the same time.

Dancing With Props (1 hour)
Learn how to incorporate various props into your dance, such as cane, double cane and candles.

Sagat Dance w/Finger Cymbals (2 hours)
Learn basic cycles of finger cymbals to accompany drummers and other musicians.

Debke Rhythm & Steps (1 hour)
Lebanon’s national dance!  Learn the basic drum rhythm of the 3 basic Debke styles of dance.

Derbekkeh (Drum) Fundamentals (1 hour)
Technique and discovery for all levels. Learn the proper Derbekkeh hold, position of fingers, hand and arm. Discover and clearly produce its basic traditional sounds.

Soual Jawab & Polyrhythmic Cycles (1 hour)
Derbekkeh Q&A: An oral tradition which is the door to the polyrhythmic style of drumming.  Learn to play and hold two or more independent rhythms simultaneously.

Rhythm Cycles & Transitions (1 hour)
Learn how to play and identify Baladi, Maqsoum, Saiidi, Malfouf, Wahda Tawila, Ayub, Chiftitelli rhythms and how to follow the leader’s call to switch smoothly between each rhythm.  Identify song Leylet Hob’s rhythm cycle, play alongside and learn how to jump from 4/4 to 6/8 rhythms.

Drum Solo Dance Steps (1 hour)
What does the dancer listen for in a drum solo?  What steps should she use?  Learn basic Belly Dance steps that you will use in today’s Drum Solo class. Become a better dancer with your drummer. Don’t lose control with your dancing.  It’s much easier than you think!

Drum Solo Composition (1 hour)
Drummers learn a short drum solo strictly for the dancer.  Dancers will drum and also dance during this session. Become a better drummer for your dancer and become a better dancer with your drummer!  Non-dancers will learn to hold the basic rhythm to accompany dancers.

Etiquette of El Jelsah (1 hour)
El Jelsah is a private social and musical gathering by invitation only, so learning the etiquette of participation is key. The focus is to have a good time and enjoy good quality music with professional guest artists while learning the artisty of how to listen to the musicians. We feature the main instrument of the Middle East, the Oud. Everyone participates and has fun while professionals pay closer attention to how to use this etiquette to succeed in the music business.

Frame Drum Fundamentals (1 hour)
Learn the basic frame drum positions and holding styles.

Derbekke Finger Technique (1 hour)
Learn various finger techniques to add flavor to your Derbekke drumming.

Hand-Clapping (1 hour)
Learn the basic hand-clapping cycles from North Africa and the Arabian Penonsula.

Arabic Singing of Al-Muashahat (1 hour)
Learn an Arabic song and it’s rhythm and find the relationship between poetry syllables and the rhythm.

The Dance of Al-Muashahat (1 hour)
Learn the dance and poetic form inspired by Al-Andalus of Southern Spain.

Riq Variations & Rhythm Cycles (1 hour)

Yoga & Stretch (1 hour)
A perfect way to relax at the end of the day and re-energize.  Susan’s “Mindful Yoga for Everyday Healing” is a powerful synthesis of ancient stretching, balancing and healing techniques.