BALLET w/Alejandra Devlin
Ages 4-5:  Twinkletoes
Ages 6-9:  Happy Ballerinas

Our ballet program is about building your child's love of dance in a fun, creative and nurturing environment.  We explore valuable artistry, musicality and improvisational skills while promoting correct ballet alignment and technique in ways that make ballet fun and relatable to your child.

HIP HOP w/Kiana Davalos
Ages 4-5:  Happy Feet
Ages 6-9:  Poppers & Lockers

Hip Hop is a great dance for kids who wants to enjoy moving and dancing to popular music. Class consists of a fun warm-up, intro to basic Hip Hop steps and a cool-down stretch. Kids also enjoy incorporating their steps into games, choreographed routines and solo work during class.  Choreographed routines challenge kids to memorize steps and work together as a group to present a complete dance either in an informal studio setting or a more formal performance setting (optional).

FLAMENCO w/Josie LaRiccia - Ages 9+
A regional dance from Southern Spain developed by the gypsies and Andalusians characterized by various heelwork rhythms and expressive lyrical arms which demonstrates the passionate Spanish temperament.  Class consists of braceo (arm and hand movements), marcajes (marking steps), zapateo (heelwork), palmas (hand-clapping).  Focus is on proper body line to capture the beauty and essence of Spanish character.

KINDERMUSIK w/Josie LaRiccia
Kindermusik Is A Good Beginning That Never Ends!  It’s an exciting and wonderful program of musical enrichment for children Newborns to Age 7.  The age appropriate classes Kindermusik offers are:
Family Time (Infants to Age 7) - A nurturing and social environment for the entire family!
Village (Infants to 1-1/2 year olds) - A bonding experience for parent and child.
Our Time (1-1/2 to 3 year olds) - A safe environment for toddlers on the move.
Imagine That (3 to 5 year olds) - Further your child's socialization and independent participation.
Young Child (5 to 7 year olds) - A bridge to formal one-on-one music lessons.
This class is being developed.  If you are interested please submit an inquiry.