BALLET w/Bridie Connors-Schwartz

Children's Ballet Program:  Our ballet program is about building your child's love of dance in a fun, creative and nurturing environment.  We explore valuable artistry, musicality and improvisational skills while promoting correct ballet alignment and technique in ways that make ballet fun and relatable to your child.

Pre-Teen/Teen/Adult Program:  This class welcomes all levels of dancers and even first-time dancers.  Class begins at the barre with exercises that emphasize correct ballet alignment and placement.  Students work towards increasing strength, flexibility, stamina, expression and improving their overall ballet technique.  The second part of class covers center combinations and movement across the floor.

Why children are taking ballet classes with Bridie:
"I like ballet because it's cool and fun and I like doing all the moves."
"I like ballet because it's fun and exciting.  I like the exercises and I like to do splits.  And after class I feel very happy!"